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Cambridge Research Biochemicals announces new antibodies catalogue

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Cambridge Research Biochemicals announces new antibodies catalogue

February 21
12:18 2017

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB), specialist in the synthesis of custom peptides and antibody production has announced the release of its new Discovery Antibodies catalogue.

The company’s new product range will offer the same high quality antibodies and will include sought-after targets suggested by customers in addition to complex, rare and post translational modification specific custom-made antibodies. New product lines are being added each month to supplement the selection in place. Antigen peptides synthesised in-house are also available to purchase.

The new catalogue coincides with the company’s three year anniversary of an expansion and relocation which took place in January 2014.

Since the expansion and relocation, CRB’s capacity for production has increased substantially, meaning that the custom side of the business will continue whilst the new catalogue is developed.

Emily Humphrys, CRB’s commercial director, commented: “Although the market is mature and well populated, we felt that since the article ‘Reproducibility Crisis: Blame it on the antibodies’ was published in Nature News in 2015 and the fall of Santa Cruz, that it was the perfect time for a more discerning player to enter the market. As we manufacture all of the peptides and antibodies marketed through the new catalogues ourselves, we can be sure that the products are of the very best quality and the highest purity. Furthermore, the validation performed on the carefully selected antibodies is extremely thorough and diligently performed, with quality placed at the forefront of the business model.”

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