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Proto Labs expands European milling capability

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Proto Labs expands European milling capability

May 05
15:36 2017

Proto Labs, digital manufacturer of prototypes and production parts, has expanded its 5-axis milling CNC machining capabilities across Europe.

With the expansion of 5-axis CNC milling (also known as 3+2 machining), Proto Labs offers customers the option of producing even more complex designs with a higher level of finish. 5‑axis milling applies a technique which approaches the construction of a part from multiple directions; this allows the milling process to create parts with intricate geometries and non-orthogonal features (i.e. those that aren’t limited to 3-axis), such as off-axis holes. The multi-angled 5-axis approach also ensures a superior finish, as the part can be milled from an angle that it optimal to produce a quality finish.

“We are continually investing in our technical capabilities and technologies, across all sites in Europe. Advancements such as CNC 5-axis milling enables us to manufacture the increasingly complex designs of our customers,” John Tumelty, vice president and managing director at Proto Labs EMEA.

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