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BBC releases app to help stop future flu pandemics

    BBC releases app to help stop future flu pandemics

If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to a science event that could potentially help save lives then a new app will let you do just that. The BBC Pandemic app

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Start-up helping pharmacists enhance training

A start-up company is aiming to help pharmaceutical professionals by helping them communicate through the use of an online educational platform. The Doctrina platform lets professionals working in the pharmaceutical

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Nokia rebranding Withings’ digital health devices

Mobile communications company Nokia is launching a range of connected health products this summer. The launch will mark the rebranding of consumer electronics company Withings’ range of connected health products.

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Health monitoring smartphone system readied for FDA approval by Leman Micro Devices

Developer of consumer healthcare products, Leman Micro Devices (LMD) has announced that its Health Sensor & App will be submitted to the FDA for approval. The app allows users to

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