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Myeloma UK trial to test novel myeloma treatment approach

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Myeloma UK trial to test novel myeloma treatment approach

Myeloma UK trial to test novel myeloma treatment approach
October 12
11:35 2017

Myeloma UK has launched a nationwide trial aiming to assess the effectiveness of a novel treatment combination that includes Darzalex for patients with genetically-defined high-risk myeloma.

The trial, which will take place at 30 Clinical Trial Network (CTN) centres across the UK, is split into two parts.

MUK nine a will see up to 700 newly diagnosed patients screened, by Myeloma UK funded researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research, using genetic analysis of their bone marrow samples.

Those identified as being at high risk will be offered the opportunity to take part in MUK nine b, a Phase II trial investigating the effectiveness combining Velcade (bortezomib), Revlimid (lenalidomide), Darzalex (daratumumab) and dexamethasone in combination with low dose cyclophosphamide, in conjunction with an autologous stem cell transplant.

As well as testing a novel treatment approach it is hoped the trial will also increase understanding of the genetic basis of myeloma, and find disease markers that may be helpful when looking towards stratified medicine that benefits all myeloma patients, the charity noted.

“The MUK nine trial will give patients access to innovative new treatments and state-of-the-art molecular testing. We hope it will transform myeloma treatment from a one-size fits all approach to a stratified approach driven by disease characteristics,” said Martin Kaiser, chief investigator for the MUK nine trial and senior researcher at the ICR.

Myeloma UK director of Research Simon Ridley also noted that it will give patients access to “novel combination treatments that they cannot currently get access to through routine commissioning.”

The charity is running the trial with both funding support and drugs provided by Celgene UK & Ireland (lenalidomide) and Janssen Oncology (daratumumab).

by Selina McKee

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